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Root & Cady: leading publisher of Civil War songs — 6 Comments

  1. To Whom it may concern:
    I have a song book By H.R. Palmer Published in 1871 By Root & Cady in Chicago Illinois. I was looking to find the value of this book if any. this book has been passed down from generation to generation. Can you please email me with any information that would be helpful to me.

    Thank You

    David Belt

  2. I have a book entitled The Forest Choir by Geo F. Root. A Collection of Vocal Music for Young People Embracing “Our Song Birds’ Singing School” Music for concert, School and Home, and Songs, Hymns, Anthems and Chants, for Worship. The inside cover indicates No. 208 and is stamped From A.P.M. Henkel Dealer in Books, Stationary, News Wall Paper and Music. There is also a signature on the inside front cover of Lillie Palmer. The book is copyrighted 1872. I am interested in knowing more about it and the value.

  3. Hello I’ve got a hymn book that im sure is valuable. Its got rot & caddy on the back rite bottom corner under that it reads music publishers, importers and dealers 67 washington st.Chicago.
    Second song is called by Crown music by G EO. F. Root. Im just wondering if it maybe worth anything?

    • I can’t tell you. You should find an antiquarian book dealer or two or three and ask there. If they’re interested, I suppose they’d make an offer, although I haven’t had anything valuable enough to try to shop it around.

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