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Simone Mantia, the trombone virtuoso—and, euphonium, too — 3 Comments

  1. Greetings:

    It’s nice to see Mr. Mantia receive a little limelight. Thanks.

    He was such a fine trombone player that, during his Pryor Band years, he frequently substituted for Pryor as featured soloist on that instrument on occasions when Pryor felt he wasn’t quite in shape enough to solo himself. (It should be remembered that Pryor not only conducted that band, but was also its primary administrator/manager. And there are only so many hours in the day.)

    Simone Mantia’s scrapbooks, musical materials, manuscripts, photos, programs, etc. still exist and I have them. He had his own well-marked copies of all of the Pryor trombone solos. And his pencilled notes on the Pryor Band programs show that he played them in concert many times subbing for “the boss,” in addition to his own euphonium features.

    Mantia is also seen with his trombone out in front of the Sousa Band playing with the trombone section in the finale of “Stars and Stripes Forever” at the 1900 Paris Exhibition. So he played trombone with Sousa as needed, as well.

    He was a great musician who deserves to be better remembered.


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