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  1. From the documentation found upon Edward W. Roman’s death in 1992, it is clear that he wrote the iconic song, “Blue Moon.” This documentation is available in its entirety on the website http://www.bluemoonsong.org. The “unsigned” contract is actually accompanied by a letter from New York song broker Jack Mahoney to the then Troy, NY, teenager that is signed, dated, and on official letterhead. It is also reasonable to “explain away” the four sets of lyrics given that the first three were written for MGM productions while Rodgers/Hart were contracted by MGM. The fourth set (for the song as we know it today), on the other hand, was a favor owed MGM music publisher Jack Robbins months after they’d had left MGM for Paramount. It’s entirely plausible that these were the lyrics written by Roman and brokered by Mahoney.

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