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  1. Porter’s love songs have been with me —and love—even before I knew who composed them. His tunes were just part of the cultural atmosphere when I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s. Here’s an example of what happens when they wake up inside of me. 10 years ago, I was shocked by the light coming through the glass of our backyard window. The bright full moon was surrounded and transversed by dense black “cloudlets” each with its own moon-silver-lining. I had to go out onto the deck to be in that light. I stepped out onto the deck and at that very moment down the street Nick N. stepped out onto his deck. The moon had drawn him out too.We had a short chat about it. He asked if I’d like to come on over and share a joint. I thanked him, but tomorrow was a full day and I was heading to bed. He lifted his joint and pushed past the smoke he was holding in, and uttered an enthusiastic: “Cheers Man.” I returned, “And cheers to you too Nick.”, and went in. I knew then that I needed to learn the lyrics to “In the still of the night”. Now, whenever I think of him, if I’m alone, I sing it. “So in Love” and other Porter songs have also taken residence in my heart. And each has it’s own lover.

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