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Franz von Suppé: a classical composer who wasn’t — 14 Comments

  1. I am an absolute classical music freak! Yet, I enjoy both his Poet and Peasant and his Light Cavalry Overtures. I wouldn’t say that either ranks among my favorite classical pieces, but I always enjoy both on the occasions that I hear them. I wish he wrote more serious music.

  2. Ah… the mythical symphonies and string quartets of von Suppé. I’ve heard them mentioned many times, and yet they have never been performed or recorded as far as I can tell. Are they sitting in a vault somewhere? Let’s have them out! Obscure works by much lesser known composers have been recorded in recent years, so why not von Suppé? The Requiem is an outstanding piece and is becoming more and more known and has received numerous recordings in recent years – it’s no longer true that his requiem is no longer played. This fact somewhat undercuts the claim that he was categorically NOT a classical composer, especially since he wrote a full-length Latin Requiem.

  3. Lovely article, I’ve always liked Suppe’s music but he always seemed to put his best melodies into his overtures, which is what he’s really known for. One of his most popular songs is “Rosen fur Dich” from Boccaccio except it isn’t in the score, just the overture and I don’t think the words are by Suppe, but the music is, and it’s brilliant.
    You’re right, his Requiem is also great and benefits in part being written in a non conventional style, with a little rearranging in the order of the parts it could be a masterpiece.
    Thanks again
    Stephen Walker

  4. My admiration goes for his marvelous orchestration and rhythmic variety. However, his work still needs reassessment, and not only as operetta composer. T German label CPO has done great work to resurrect unknowns. Like the recording of the Requiem-Oratorio ‘Extremum Judicium’ (alas, such dare to produce non-commercial fare is only found in Germany).

  5. I really love von Suppe’s Poet and Peasant and his Light Cavalry Overtures. When I listen to his Light Cavalry Overture I close my eyes and I can imagine the soldiers going off to battle atop their fancy steads.

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