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Danse macabre, by Camille Saint-Saëns — 4 Comments

  1. I thank you for this wonderful research on Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens. I am curently engaged in new format for this Music into a Quintet for Brass. So far it has been working but this truely is a CLassic for Violin and deservedly belongs to that Wonderful set of clervoyance reserved for highest of Orchestral Achievements. It is amazing that the Devil in Music has become the decidedly familiar of Many a Modern Tone Poem. Saint-Saens was on to something here.

  2. Just listening to this piece of work is chilling…I close my eyes and am carried away into an old b&w movie where I am in the darkest and dank if forest and being pursued by some unknown presence that I feel but cannot quite see….then as the music lightens up and the tune takes on a loftier more jovial tune my surroundings start to reveal themselves in beautiful rich and bold colors….and just as I think I can see an open glade of daisies swaying in the breeze…a huge and slobbering beast with fangs like that of a sabertooth tiger and eyes akin to fiery embers rises out of the overgrown fauna between myself and the openness of the flora I wish to reach…and just as the music reaches its maddening crescendo the creature slowly encompasses me and just as I start to feel it’s hot breath on back of my neck …..and then I abruptly open my eyes cuz I spilled wine all over my lap….hahahahaha

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