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The social benefits of music education — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for the interesting article about music education and the social benefits that come with it. I actually didn’t know that it can help improve teamwork because all parts in music matter, so they all need to work together. It also seems like a good way for people to learn how their piece of the music can help support the overall sound of the piece.

    • And thank you for commenting, Taylor. Yes, in a piece of music, everything matters, even if it seems trivial. In a band or orchestra, dull, boring accompaniment parts need to be played with great precision. Otherwise, sloppy playing ruins the experience of the melody.

  2. I thought that it was interesting that you said that it is important for students to learn how to be creative in their musical skills and talents. I have been thinking about enrolling my children in a musical program to help them learn to sing better and play an instrument but I have been worried that this may take their focus away from their grades in school. I will be sure to do more research on this topic and more seriously consider this possibility now that I understand that musical talents are crucial to have as well as good grades.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ashley. No one, to my knowledge, questioned the educational value of music and other “extracurricular” activities when I was growing up. Today, it seems, children have many more out-of-school activities vying for time and energy than we did. Not to mention social media and video games. I would think that anything that instills learning, discipline, and working under the authority of a coach or teacher can potentially enhance study skills. So please do encourage your children’s interest in music.

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