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Grand Canyon Suite, by Ferde Grofé — 10 Comments

  1. The Grand Canyon Suite has been my favorite piece of music for MANY years…When I was a child, we visited the Grand Canyon… my little sister scared my mom by doing flips on the railings where the edge was a drop-off (yikes!) — I basically SAT on the edge IN AWE of such a big hole, trying to ponder the AGES of earth’s creation showing in the layers of the canyon walls… I felt God must have had fun in creating the canyon…how considerate of God to give us such a beautiful view of Creation…the multi-colors of the layers, the various plants thriving at the various altitudes…and at the bottom, that not-so-very-big river, that had for centuries slowly cut through all that rock…all of it was absolutely amazing to me!
    When I was a senior in high school, we went to Grand Canyon for our class trip, and rode the mules to the bottom of the canyon — it was another AWESOME experience, giving me a “close-up” view of the layers of rock as well as the various kinds of plants growing in the various altitude levels…and of that “little” river that carved it — Wow!
    Four years ago, before moving from New Mexico to another part of the country, a friend and I drove to the Grand Canyon. We hiked down the trail for the first part of our day, sat on a BIG rock to eat our sack lunch and watch the river and the sun-and-shadow effects on the canyon…
    and as the sun got lower in the sky, made our way back up the trail. Now that I’m living in the Midwest, I may not get back to the Canyon…but LISTENING to Ferde Grofe’s GRAND CANYON SUITE, I can SEE it, experience it all again… the music is SO descriptive of the canyon, and of my experience of it…all I have to do is CLOSE MY EYES AND LISTEN!
    It was also interesting to learn, from your article, of some of the other of Grofe’s works, and something about his life. I will enjoy looking them up and listening to them, I’m sure.
    Thank you for the informative article and related photos.
    Sheila Smith

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