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Don Drummond, a great, but underappreciated trombonist — 2 Comments

  1. Saying Rita danced “nearly naked” is misleading. Rita was a rhumba dancer and wore costumes that bared her midriff and showed her legs but she was not nearly naked by a long shot. She was a beautiful and talented lady. Be fair to Rita, a lovely, talented and unique lady who adored Don so much she wrote a song for him which she performed with the Skatalites.

    And I am saying this as an enormous Drummond fan.

    • Thanks for your clarification, Melanie. I did not investigate her. Perhaps I should have. “Nearly naked” might be what Drummond thought about it, no matter what anyone else thought. And no matter how she dressed to perform, her death was certainly tragic and undeserved. It’s too bad Drummond didn’t have access to really good mental health treatment.

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