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Civil War regimental bands: banned and disbanded? — 4 Comments

  1. I am a re-enactor, Yankee, reb, colonial and who ever needs a drummer. I am a musician and I can tell you that this goes on to this day. We are unappreciated until needed for other tasks and then put aside. I could mention the groups that I affiliated with, but I will not out of respect for friends!Joey

  2. Sir, thank you for your website. I am currently serving with the 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment in Germany. I am currently updating our unit’s history, and was curious if you had a .pdf copy of “The Evolution of a Military Band: the History of the 214th Army Band, the Army Ground Forces Band and Its Predecessor the Fourth Infantry Regiment Band,” by Robert. C. Tolton, that you could email to me? If so I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for your support.

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