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Thomas Gschlatt, the Mozarts’ trombonist — 5 Comments

  1. Dear David Guion,

    This is a very interesting article, thank you for posting it. I am currently preparing a presentation exploring Thomas Gschlatt’s influence upon trombone repertoire and would be extremely grateful if you could provide a bibliography for this article please?

    Many Thanks.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post and that you intend to do your own research on Gschlatt. As for bibliography, I suggest you get a hold of my latest book (A History of the Trombone). Sources I used are in notes 41-47 on pages 161-62.

  2. Gschlatt (Leopold Mozart referred to him affectionately as “Thomerl”) left Salzburg to become the Turnermeister at Olomouc – the captain of the Town Band. At least he would now be responsible to the Mayor and not the Archbishop, and the pay in Salzburg was very bad.

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