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Moritz Nabich and the second generation of 19th-century trombone soloists — 4 Comments

  1. Bruns performed the David concertino at a concert in memory of David on October 23, 1873 in the Gewandhaus (The Monthly Musical Record, November 1, 1873, p. 145-146). I am not aware of evidence that he also performed at David’s funeral on July 24, 1873. Primary source on the funeral (like AMZ 1873, p. 492) do not mention this.

    • I have one secondary source for this article and may have relied on that. I don’t have time to hunt for it now, but thanks for the distinction between the funeral and the memorial concert.

  2. Moritz Nabich performed Thursday 24 November 1842 at the theatre of Le Havre in France.
    In the newspaper the title of the performance of Moritz Nabich was ” Airs variés de trombonne “. He performed between two Vaudeville and two physicals stage performance of groupe of people doing some gymnastic . Trombonne was like an entr’acte ( intermission, interlude).
    Article of the newspaper ” Journal du Havre ” in November 1842 en français:
    “Entre deux séries d’exercices, M. Moritz Nabich s’est fait entendre sur ce détestable instrument, M. Moritz a fait des tours de force: il exécute des chants, des variations, des roulades, avec une facilité qui ne connait pas d’obstacle. Un amateur qui appréciat fort le talent de M. Moritz Nabich, nous disait avec admiration que, dans des moments, on croirait entendre un cornet à piston. Merci!. Cela peut bien faire un magnifique éloge de l’instrumentiste; mais quelle tuile pour l’instrument . ”
    The journalist is a bit mocking but a member of the public appreciated the talent of Moritz Nabich.
    I think to do a solo musical performance in 1842 on stage with an instrument like trombonne is admirable and may be it was …… a little rocky event.

    • Thank you very much for this review. Here is a Google translation (with one correction):

      “Between two series of exercises, Mr. Moritz Nabich made himself heard on this detestable instrument, Mr. Moritz performed feats of strength: he performed songs, variations, roulades, with an ease that knows no other ‘obstacle. An amateur who greatly appreciated the talent of Mr. Moritz Nabich told us with admiration that, at times, we would think we were hearing a cornet. THANKS!. This may well be a magnificent eulogy for the instrumentalist; but what bad luck for the instrument.”

      1842, So Nabich’s solo career started while Queisser was still living. Fascinating. Actually, I doubt if Queisser himself would have gotten a better review in France, but Nabich may not have had a chance to be heard in Leipzig or any major German center.

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