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D.P. Faulds: Border State music publisher — 6 Comments

  1. Do you know anything about a song he published in 1860 called the “Sewing Machine Polka”?

    It appears in an advert in The Louisville Daily Courier of Friday, 23.11 1860, page 2.

    I am researching sewing machines in music and song.

    • I searched for the title (+ faulds) on Google and found https://www.colorado.edu/amrc/sites/default/files/attached-files/amrc-carbonellead.pdf. That is a collection of almost 600 volumes of old sheet music that had been collected and bound in volumes by their original owners. Apparently the song is in at least one of those volumes. The site lists the contents of each volume. Apparently the only way to search it is to read it from top to bottom until you find what you want.

      I suggest contacting the current owner of the collection, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder. They may have an easier way of accessing the collection besides what they put online. Best of luck to you.

  2. I have recently found that an ancestor of my husband worked at D.P. Faulds and composed several songs. His name was William McQuown. I can find him and his compositions on an internet search but not listed above. Do you have any information? Thanks.

    • Thanks for commenting. My lists of Civil War songs all come from the Library of Congress collection. It’s a very large collection, but not exhaustive. Faulds and all other publishers of the time published more than war songs. You don’t say if McQuown’s songs were related to the war. If not, that would explain why I didn’t mention any. If so, they aren’t a part of the Library of Congress collection, or weren’t at the time I compiled my master list.

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