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Schoenberg vs Stravinsky — 13 Comments

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    • Do you mean the unpublished Schoenberg documents I mention? I would imagine they’d be in the Schoenberg Archive. It used to be at the University of Southern California, but it’s in Vienna now. I don’t know what if anything it has made available online.

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  4. I remember reading that while despising modernist music, Stravinskij highly regarded Schoenberg and even said that his Pierrot Lunaire was one of the most important contemporary works (on pair with the Rite of Spring and Bouelez’s Marteau sans Maitre).

    • I get the general impression that Stravinsky appreciated Schoenberg’s music more than Schoenberg appreciated Stravinsky’s. And also that they avoided each other in the US more from personal animosity than from what they thought about each other’s music. Thanks for commenting.

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