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Rossini on Wagner — 5 Comments

    • Back in the middle 70s, I heard about a poll of classical music lovers’ ten favorite composers and ten least favorite. Wagner came in second to Beethoven on the favorite list and second to Schoenberg on the least favorite list. I side with Brahms and Hanslick. It looks like you do, too.

  1. Rossini’s music, to me, is far superior to Wagner’s. The William Tell Overture slays anything ever written by Wagner… in my opinion.

    • If you put your comment in past tense, it’s probably right, even though the conductor von Bulow loved Wagner’s music that he forgave Wagner for stealing his wife! About 50 years ago, I came across a poll of American concert audiences that listed the ten favorite and least favorite composers. The most favorite composer was Beethoven. Wagner ranked second. The least favorite composer was Schoenberg. Wagner ranked second.

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