Help me help the needy all over the world

With the ads and affiliate links on my blogs, it’s no secret that I intend to make money from them. To that end, I read quite a bit on advice on blogging. Saturday, a post caught my eye that suggested a means of using blogs to give to various causes. As a Christian, I believe in tithing to the Lord, so I found that post so exciting that I dropped all of my other plans to follow through on it. That explains why I didn’t update any of my blogs today, even though I had not managed to update all … Continue reading

New Year’s musical musings and questions

“Every turnip green, every kidney bean,Every plant grows according to the plot;But with childerin, it’s bewilderin’. Just as soon as you think you know what kind you’ve got,It’s what they’re not.” — The Fantasticks (from memory) This blog is only about two months old. I hoped it would be more like a kidney bean than the teenagers the two fathers in The Fantasticks bemoaned. It has become like a fast-growing baby that outgrows clothes with reckless abandon. I have all the instincts of an academic writer. Blogging requires something much different. Posts must be both much shorter and much more … Continue reading