Medieval Night Watchmen and the Modern Wind Band

What do a night watchman and a professional musician have in common? The first professional wind musicians were night watchmen. Many modern wind instruments can find their ancestors being played from towers to keep the city safe at night and entertain citizens by day. Protective walls surrounded every European town of any significance until the 18th century. Many cities had hundreds of towers. … Continue reading

Trombones in dramatic music before opera

Opera arose from several different sources, among them the revival of Roman comedy in the late 1400s, mostly intended for entertainment at various ruling courts in Italy. It didn’t take long for rulers to see political and diplomatic advantages in mounting spectacular performances of them, and by the middle of the 1500s, they routinely mounted comedies with musical interludes between the acts. These interludes, intermedii in Italian, grew to become dramatic spectacles in their own right, involving the musical talents of the entire court establishment. Most Italian courts of the time boasted excellent trombonists. The music-loving Medici family managed to … Continue reading