The Salem Band at war: 26th North Carolina Regiment Band

Upon the firing on Fort Sumter, armies on both sides of the Civil War began to gear up for a fight. In the North, at least, the announcement that some famous band would be attached to a particular regiment aided recruitment. The South, too, had its famous bands, including one in Salem, North Carolina, which eventually became attached to the 26th North Carolina Regiment. The Salem Band, which still exists in what has become Winston-Salem, is one of the oldest musical institutions in the country. It began as a quartet of trombones in that Moravian settlement in 1771. It expanded … Continue reading

Clara Louise Kellogg: the soprano vs the Civil War

This month marks the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, which had tremendous impact on American music. Clara Louise Kellogg, the first American-born singer to achieve success in Europe, began her career shortly before the war broke out. Before she could have any hope of success abroad, she had to be successful at home. Of course, the war made that difficult. Kellogg was born in Sumterville, South Carolina in 1842, but her parents moved to Derby, Connecticut later that year. Once her musical talent became evident, the family moved to New York City so she could receive a proper … Continue reading