College students and music

musicology for everyoneI remember hearing about a student who turned in his final examination paper after only half an hour. He had not written answers to any of the questions. He only drew a tomb stone, with the epitaph: “sacred to the memory, which leaves me at times like this.” Here are some comments on tests and papers from students who might as well have followed his example. Enjoy!

Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is the product of the mad genius who struggled to find work, and keep his pants on.

Michael Jackson brought back dancing, which still exists today.

Composers of the 18th century were known for writing music that allowed them to stay alive and feed their families.

And so the moral of Sweeney Todd is that you should be careful what you eat, because it might be people.

An African hymn which might sound all happy and joyous to individuals living in Canada, is really a miserable depressed story they are telling through their rituals.

African and Caribbean influences are among the most relevant in the style with all these musical dialects becoming intertwined, creating a steaming pile of musical wonder that took the nation, and world, by storm.

A keyboard instrument that was around before the piano was the keytar.

This is not the only time in history men were castrated.  In my music class I found out that eons of years ago male children were castrated so they could become soprano’s.  Soprano’s were highly thought of by society and since they were castrated as very small children, they were raised as soprano’s.  This group of men were called the pastrami’s.  Look it up, very interesting.

After hearing the music of the French troubadours, Petrarch began to write sonnets about courtney love.

Hippies and CDs are both things from America’s past.
S and M stands for smoke and mirrors and was a common practice in the middle ages, before modern pop singers like Rihanna made it popular.

Deathcore bands, and fans, do not know how to growl like a death metal band. They think it is cool to scream and make pig noises when it actually makes them look like a poser. Metal heads know how to growl well, and they sound good when they growl.

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