My online writings on the trombone

I started writing online at the same time my latest book was in press. Two pieces of advice given to any beginning writer are first to write what you know, and second to write what a lot of people want to read. Nearly all of my academic writings have to do with the trombone, which, alas, is not what a lot of people want to read about. Fortunately I know about plenty of other things, but here are things (besides posts on this blog) that I have written about the trombone.

I wrote a four-part series of articles for Factoidz and have found the response to them very gratifying.

Later on, I joined HubPages and again decided to write an article on the history of the trombone. I made sure that it had information in it not contained in my Factoidz articles. Before I got around to writing it, someone requested an article on playing the trombone, so I wrote one right away.

I have written plenty of other articles about music and at several other sites. Two of those articles may be of some interest to people who care about the trombone, both at Factoidz:

Complete listings of both my writings in print and my online writings are on separate pages on my home page. The fastest way to find the various trombone-related posts on this blog is the tag cloud.

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