The what? of Seville: animated opera

Not so long ago, quite a number of classical tunes were well known in popular culture. It has not entirely vanished. I have heard an aria from Carmen in a pizza commercial (wondering if the producers realized they were using French music as a background for their very Italian visuals) and an aria from Gianni Schicchi in a commercial for I don’t recall offhand just what.

All the same, it seems that classical music has become less visible (audible?) lately. It has been a long time since I have paid any attention to Saturday morning cartoons. They’re all new, now. When I was growing up, I think all the cartoon shows just reran what had been originally aimed at adult audiences during the Depression and the Second World War.

Does any cartoon character now sing a popular Italian aria–in Italian–during the entire length of the cartoon? Here’s Woody Woodpecker giving some marvelously patient fellow a shave:

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