Update on my next book–and this blog

My next book, A History of the Trombone, is due out from Scarecrow Press in June. That means I have lots of work to do this month. I just got the page proofs and have about three weeks to proofread the whole thing and prepare the index. I’m so excited! I have been working on this project for about 14 years now. Of course, I can’t expect anyone to be as excited as I am, but I hope a lot of trombonists will be excited when it becomes available.

Of course, the time to do this final bit of work has to come from someplace. I cannot sustain the pace at which I have been adding content to the web. I don’t intend to suspend writing new posts for this blog, but they will come less frequently for a while. Taxes (shudder) are due before the index!

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