A pocket-sized trombone with a full-sized sound!

I love the trombone, but it does have its disadvantages. It can be very heavy. I confess I didn’t like the trombone too much when I had to carry it to school. In junior high, I wasn’t on a school-bus route, but it was too far to walk. My dad put some kind of carrier on the front fender of my bike, and that’s how I got the trombone back and forth.

Another problem: The slide makes the trombone one of the longest instruments in a band or orchestra even in first position. Granted, bassoons, baritone saxophones, double basses, etc. are just as long or longer, but their length is measured from the ground up. The trombone sticks out in front and back. With the slide in seventh position, it’s another two feet longer.

Now someone has come up with a trombone you can carry in your pocket. Actually, it’s an iBone, an iPhone app with some neat features. It sounds good, too. I wonder if Mr. Faulk would have let me use an iBone instead of my big, heavy, long trombone?

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