New Year’s musical musings and questions

“Every turnip green, every kidney bean,
Every plant grows according to the plot;
But with childerin, it’s bewilderin’.
Just as soon as you think you know what kind you’ve got,
It’s what they’re not.” — The Fantasticks (from memory)

This blog is only about two months old. I hoped it would be more like a kidney bean than the teenagers the two fathers in The Fantasticks bemoaned. It has become like a fast-growing baby that outgrows clothes with reckless abandon.

I have all the instincts of an academic writer. Blogging requires something much different. Posts must be both much shorter and much more frequent than journal articles. In a sense, I knew that from the start, but it has been quite a sharp learning curve.

My series on popular song in America seemed like it would be fairly easy. In fact, to keep each installment not too much longer than blogposts ought to be, I have had to lengthen the series as a whole. I will finish what I started, but I have spent most of a day (Monday 1/4) looking at other blogs.

There does not seem to be anything else on the web comparable to what I want to do. So with no obvious role models, I’ll just ask for advice from anyone who appreciates what I have posted over the last couple of months:

What works? What doesn’t work? What would make you most likely to keep coming back for more?

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